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What is fiscalization?

Fiscalization is a set of measures introduced to control invoicing in cash. These measures include changes in the IT environment (implementing electronic cash registers with real time connectivity to the central system), operations (new tax inspection process) and regulation (changes in the regulatory framework to support compliance).


What is software fiscalization?

The last big change in the evolution of fiscal laws is software fiscalization – an automated VAT collection process that supervises transaction revenues. The transaction system software that connects businesses to tax authorities works to eliminate tax evasion and combat unfair competition on the market. Countries that implemented fiscalization have experienced a significant increase in taxable deliveries starting immediately after the implementation.

Benefits and drivers

 Control over business operations and their turnover (minimize underreporting and overreporting)

 Stamping out or minimizing avoidance of business sales tax, goods and services tax or VAT (address market inequality and unfair business advantage)

 Make collecting tax revenue a crucial state revenue item (improve on the collection process rather than increase tax rates)

 Controlling the gray economy (better supervision of cash and non-cash transactions)

What is online VAT collection and how does it work?


The transaction is sent to the fiscal authority


Receipts or invoices are issued using fiscal software and an internet connection – offline procedures are also established. Each element is sent to the fiscal authority for authorization in real time.


The fiscal authority authorizes the transaction


The fiscal authority authorizes the transaction with a unique identification key. That key is then sent back to the fiscal software. The code can later be used to further monitor businesses via forms of incentives.


The receipt or invoice is printed with a unique ID


A unique identification key is printed on every authorized receipt/invoice. The customer can check if the receipt/invoice is authorized by checking the key with a text message, visiting a website, or in person.

Control and monitor tax revenue and effectively manage revenue stream from new and existing tax obligors

Extended offering

 Out-of-the-box Point of Sale and Electronic Cash Register connections to the central transactional system

 Advanced spatial data analytics and geolocation-based data-driven tax inspection

 Advanced AI tax obligor behaviour modeling and predictive analytics

 Direct debit for declared tax mandates for each tax obligor

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