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The IT projects implemented for the Ministry of National Defense, the Land Forces Command and the Border Guard (Straż Graniczna) are proof of our experience and trust required for cooperation with the uniformed services sector. We hold valid certificates and qualifications that are required to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in respect of the supply of solutions for high security applications.

We are the only Central and Eastern European company to complete over 30 projects directly for European Union and NATO institutions and agencies. We successfully compete with world leading IT companies. Our high-tech projects were implemented inter alia for the Joint Force Training Center in Bydgoszcz and the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Boarders of the Member States of the European Union (FRONTEX).



Kompleksowy System Informatyczny ZUS (KSI ZUS) is a dedicated, multiplatform and multisystem system developed for the Social Insurance Institution. The system covers all the Institution’s statutory tasks associated with social insurance. KSI ZUS is the country’s largest IT system, both in terms of the amount of collected information, and in terms of the number of people using the system and the frequency of such usage. It is also one of Poland’s strategic IT systems.

KSI ZUS is a centralized system that can be compared to the IT system of a bank managing ca. 100 million accounts, with each account having several operations per month. Today, the system is used by over 16 thousand of ZUS’ employees that access 60 TB of operational data. KSI ZUS is also used by over 1 million of employers that use the “Płatnik” software. Nearly 900 thousand of the employers send their documents electronically.

KSI ZUS is mostly based on IBM Mainframe platform. The deployment is the largest one in Central Europe, and is comparable to the world’s largest deployments. KSI ZUS:

  • collects and processes ca. 240 million insurance documents per annum, submitted by premium payers both in hard copy and electronically;
  • maintains and updates central registers of premium payers (ca. 2 million entities), insured persons (ca. 20 million people) and Open Pension Fund members (currently 14 million people);
  • automatically identifies payers and the insured on documents, verifies documents, rejects erroneous documents, posts correct documents in accounting books, and makes premium settlements for accounts of the funds, payers and insured (to this end, the system makes ca. 500 million accounting operations);
  • supports premium payers, using the “Płatnik” software, in correct completion of insurance documents and sending them to ZUS;
  • each year, prepares information for all insured persons on the balance of their individual pension accounts;
  • uses dedicated software in regional ZUS branches to support 15 thousand employees in fulfilling their duties related to collecting social insurance premiums and maintaining individual accounts

KSI ZUS won the main prize in the eEurope Awards for eGovernment – 2005 competition organized by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) that operates under the auspices of the European Commission. KSI ZUS was recognized for creating a suitable environment that allowed a public administration organization to achieve success in its IT project.

KSI ZUS has been named one of the most innovative systems in the area of government institution management in the scale of the entire continent. Its creation and deployment allowed Poland (as one of the few countries in Europe that managed to achieve this) to perform a thorough, end-to-end reform of the pension system.

We participate in research and development programs to create the best technology in the area of security and defense. They include risk analysis and simulation of terrorist threats, strategic defense planning based on the capabilities, critical infrastructure protection, cyber security, drawing up plans for crisis management and rescue system design. We actively participate in the development of applications for the space industry. Moreover, together with the national entities (WAT Transbit) we have developed an innovative system that provides secure communication many distributed entities - BSWD. BSWD was created based on the standard SCIP, which using any telecommunications infrastructure providing access to the IP network, implementing secure connectivity for the needs of NATO and allied countries.

The Ground Control Station software is mainly designed for the use with multiple types of flight control modules fixed on a wide range of UAV platforms. The GCS uses Mavlink and STANAG 4586 type messages to cover the flow of all the important procedures and parameter between airborne aircraft and ground control segment. According to GCS modular architecture, there is a separate communication module already implemented.

This module is responsible for GCS-UAV communication. Depending on user preferences and autopilot type, the module can be modified easily for any requested communication standard. With this advantage, the end-user receives the GCS software with dedicated communications protocols support which can be updated within a short period of time. Payload capabilities like multisensor observation gimbal control or other dedicated equipment service is also implemented in the same application. Considering this advantage, no additional specialized software is needed for payload management.

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