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At Asseco Nigeria we are aware of the importance that people have within organizations, for this reason we have a team of qualified and experienced recruiters made up of people who work daily with passion and enthusiasm in the search for the best talent.

Selection process

The CV!

At Asseco Nigeria we do not believe that there are two equal CVs, so we like to discover the person behind an academic and / or professional experience.

We want you to tell us who you are. Put yourself in value, because surely you have many interesting things to tell us.

The CV is your first contact with us, make sure it reflects not only who you are but what you can do. If there is a position or area that interests you, indicate it, we will listen to you.


HR calls you!

From HR we want to accompany you throughout the entire selection process. The first contact will be with us and may be in the form of a telephone interview and / or to make an appointment for a personal interview.

This first contact is for us to get to know each other. We want to know your work situation, your expectations and your motivations.

It is also a good time for you to tell us everything that is important to you in this first contact.


The personal interview

Relax and broadcast. It is important for us to meet you, we want to listen to you and tell us about how you are doing at work, the milestones of your career or aspects that are important to you. Be yourself because it is you who matters to us.

Do not forget to visit our website because our identity is there.


The technical interview

The time has come to meet the person who would be your direct manager.

It is the opportunity for you to find out what the position consists of from a technical point of view. It is time for us to talk about what you can do, what you can contribute or how far you want to go.

Take the opportunity to clarify all doubts about the position, the management and the project.

Use examples from your day-to-day work or academic life to convey your technical skills.


HR informs you!

From the HR team we will give you an answer about the status of your application. If you have not finally been selected to fill the position, we will inform you.

If we think you are the right person for the position, we will let you know. Our illusion? Tell us yes and become part of the Asseco Nigeria family.

And don't forget, from HR we are at your disposal so that your participation in an Asseco Nigeria selection process is easy and transparent.

We are looking for you!

Next, provide us with your personal information and attach your CV.