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Precision Agriculture

Precision Farm Planning Project Using UAVs

Asseco Software Nigeria Limited has just concluded a mapping project for one of its clients. Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, a farm area located at Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, covering 930 hectares was mapped for the generation an Orthomosaic (Orthophoto) and a Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

The Orthophoto will help to accurately make decisions on precise irrigation planning for a ginger farm.
The importance of the Orthomosaic is to be able to get a real-time aerial imagery that would give insight on the features present on the land and how to properly cultivate the crops. The DEM generated will give the precise nature of the land, its gradient and elevations for irrigation planning.

Asseco is committed to providing professional drone services especially for the mapping, surveying, and agricultural sectors.