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Asseco Software Nigeria Ltd (”Asseco Nigeria”) is a private limited company registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria under No 1203629, with registered address at 2nd Floor, Sterling Towers, 20 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria and main operational office at 7 Abagbon Close, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: +234 1 7000 ASSECO, e-mail: [email protected], website: Asseco Nigeria is a subsidiary of Asseco Poland S.A. (”Asseco Poland”) with registered seat in Rzeszów, ul. Olchowa 14, 35-322 Rzeszów, Poland, phone: +48 17 888 55 55, fax: +48 17 888 55 50,, e-mail: [email protected], NIP: 522-000-37-82, REGON: 010334578, District Court in Rzeszów, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register KRS: 0000033391.

Asseco specializes in software production and development. As the largest software company in Central and Eastern Europe, we successfully compete with IT world leaders, providing vertical core business solutions that are of the best quality at the best price. We offer comprehensive, dedicated IT solutions for all industries. Asseco Group is the 5th largest IT company in Europe by revenues. świata. 





The Group’s companies are listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, as well as on the New York NASDAQ. Asseco Poland S.A., the Group’s holding company, is one of the 20 largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is part of the prestigious WIG 30 blue chip index. 

As of December 2021, Asseco Group employed over 30,000 people in more than 50 countries globally, including most European countries, Israel, USA, Canada, Japan, India, Australia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Togo. 



The year 2010 was of key significance for Asseco’s development. This was when the Asseco Family was joined by the Israeli holding of Formula Systems. The company that comprised three entities (Matrix IT, Sapiens, Magic Software) enabled Asseco to enter three continents (North America, Australia and Asia) providing Asseco Group members with a great dose of innovation and creative thinking. With the technology, IT solutions, and attitude to business that Formula Systems brought to Asseco, the company managed to win new, interesting contracts and to establish strategic technology partnerships with numerous companies all over the world. Solutions for insurance industry produced by Sapiens almost instantly became a flagship core product of Asseco Insurance Business Unit. On numerous occasions, Magic Software technologies, used to develop applications and to integrate systems, provided an added value for a standard software offer of Asseco expanding the scope of services offered to our clients. Access to resources and technological know-how of Matrix IT enabled us to deeply understand the phenomenon of innovativeness of Israel while opening the minds of our employees to new, interesting directions of IT development and enabling our clients to gain and maintain their competitive edge.

Asseco is a unique combination of a software house and service provider. We are a producer of state-of-the art software that supports mission-critical business processes of enterprises in all key sectors of the economy. More than 5,000 specialists within Asseco Group coordinate the development of IT solutions for the Financial Sector. The company portfolio includes implementations in over thirty countries on three different continents. Our main advantages versus our competition are a well-proven track record of software production, customization and implementation, supported by local teams well acquainted with Client operation methods and present on the ground to support our software solutions. Asseco applications are used by most banks in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and the largest insurance companies around the world.

We specialize in the creation of dedicated solutions for Central and Local Government Administrations. The largest projects executed in this sector include the Social Insurance core system in Poland, IACS system for the Polish Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, the Central Register of Drivers and Vehicles for the Ministry of the Interior and the Electronic Toll Collection System for the Motorway Directorate of Czech Republic. We also collaborate with the Lithuanian Parliament and National Library of Lithuania, Slovak & Serbian Tax Offices, Supreme Chamber of Control in Poland, the Polish Central Statistical Office, and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. The Asseco core system developed for the Polish Social Insurance mentioned above is one of the largest and most complicated IT systems in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of volume of processed data. On top of that, we are the only Central and Eastern European company to have completed over 30 projects directly for European Union and NATO.

Based on its vast experience and rich history, the Asseco Group continues to build its leading position in delivering comprehensive IT solutions for all types of Healthcare institutions. Our client list includes hundreds of the largest hospitals and the majority of treatment centers in the CEE region. Asseco enjoys professional expertise in development, implementation, and deployment of state-of-the-art IT systems for health insurance companies, sophisticated systems for hospitals, and complete IT solutions for outpatient clinics.

Asseco has also been operating in the Telecommunications sector for over 20 years. Such vast experience resulted in strategic partnership agreements with the major telecommunications operators across Europe. Our solutions are reliable and flexible and can be easily customized to all kind of Telecommunications clients. Asseco Group offers a wide portfolio in areas such as Billing & Customer Finance Management, Fraud & Revenue Protection, CRM, Sales, Product Catalogue, Customer Self-Management, Order Capture, Portals, Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, and many more. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in development and integration of third party products into customer’s legacy environment, and thus in building complex and efficient systems specifically designed for Telecommunication companies is a crucial and valuable part of our offer.

Our long-term presence on the Power and Utility market has given Asseco an opportunity to get to know each of these sectors practically from the ground up. We have extensive knowledge of the specificity of this industry and our actions focus on the ultimate benefits for our customers resulting from the application of suitable IT systems. Our solutions are successfully used by the largest energy and gas suppliers across our areas of operations. Our billing systems are suited to support multi-million client databases and are adapted to the latest market changes. Our portfolio also includes systems for management of distribution network infrastructure, technical equipment and real estate assets, with state-of-the-art GIS/NIS solutions, systems for readout collection, internet customer service applications, and more. As such, Asseco Group pioneers in cutting-edge comprehensive IT solutions for utilities.

Last but not least, Asseco Group provides end-to-end infrastructure services including computing and communication solutions. We deliver services essential to the planning, installation, and configuration of data transmission networks of all scales that facilitate efficient exchange of information among computer networks using the latest data transmission technologies. Worldwide coverage of our sales, service, and distribution networks and help desk support enables us to offer quick and reliable service to our customers worldwide.

Our business philosophy and strategy reflect the simple and realistic motto to "Think Global and Act Local". From its conception, Asseco had global aspirations but we always remember that the Client comes first. And each Client in each area have their specific business context and specific needs, which is why we are present locally to serve our customers where they are. We truly believe that no one is able to serve the Client in a given country better than the local professional team made up of people thinking and acting according to the same norms and standards as a potential user of our IT systems.

Asseco Nigeria has been represented in Nigeria since March 2013. The organization was fully registered as a local Nigerian company in July 2014. It is focused on becoming the leading software company in West Africa by providing local software customization, implementation, development and support. Our key focus industries are primarily: 

  • Financial Services: Banking and Insurance
  • Enterprises: Large corporates & SMEs (Utilities, Telecoms, FMCG)
  • Public Sector: Various areas with special focus on eGovernment, Tax Collection, Social Security, Security & Defense
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & GIS: Public & Enterprise Sectors
  • Cybersecurity & Trust Services: ComCERT CERT & SOC, CERTUMTM Certification Authority, SimplySignTM Digital Signature

Asseco Nigeria is unique as it has significant local content whilst being part of a global IT group. This structure supports our strategy of providing local added value in terms of implementation, customization and support of the Group’s established solution set in addition to local software development to meet our West African clients' most demanding and specific business needs. Our vision is to become the strategic technology partner to our customers driving their competitive edge and offering to them high quality solutions at low cost.

Of note, Asseco Nigeria has delivered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Lagos State within the frame of the Lagos eGIS Project and has mapped the whole of Lagos State (over 3.500km2) using UAVs. The project’s output is a high resolution & accuracy orthophoto map, which is used as a base map for land surveys and issuance of digital title documents.

Asseco Nigeria has also been mandated by the FIRS and the Edo State Government to fiscalize the Hospitality Sector in the Federal Capital Territory (Value Added Tax) and in Edo State (Consumption Tax) and has been a significant stakeholder in the Lagos State fiscalization drive as a member of the Lagos State Special Committee on IGR.

Last but not least, Asseco Nigeria is playing a key role in the Togo Cyber Defense Africa project, which consists in the creation of the national cybersecurity operations center (SOC) and computer emergency response team (CERT) in Togo under a public-private partnership between the Togolese Republic and the Asseco Group. This project was successfully delivered according to plan between January and September 2020, in spite of the major difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic.