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The energy sector faces the necessity to meet demands of an increasingly competitive market. In mature markets, power companies are scrutinized by consumers who are increasingly willing to use the option of changing their supplier while in developing markets power companies face the challenge of becoming efficient and profitable organizations in a fast changing environment. High quality of customer service has become more important than ever. The success of power companies depends on an innovative approach to energy sales, the ability to offer new products and services and to promote them effectively as well as acquiring new customers and building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

IT infrastructure has become an area of strategic investment, which is a key element of creating a competitive edge.

In our IT projects, we use excellent knowledge of the energy market and the business processes of our customers, providing them with advanced technologies and knowledge thanks to having years of experience in this market through its various phases of growth. We provide IT solutions which noticeably reduce operational costs, improve performance and increase competitiveness.

Why do power companies use the solutions developed by Asseco?

 We are a stable, global partner with a strong position in the local market
 We know the business and the organization of power companies
 We have many years of experience in the area of billing systems and customer service
 We react quickly to changes
 High quality service is our priority
 We have extensive technological and implementation competences
 We offer high quality products
 We respond in advance to Customer expectations resulting from energy market development
 We introduce new solutions and develop existing products at the same time


AUMS software (Asseco Utility Management Solutions) offered by us is a family of advanced information solutions that deliver comprehensive services for energy companies on the deregulated energy market. AUMS solution supports the implementation of strategies for energy companies, which in order to effectively compete in a changing market, must ensure the company's ability to create new commercial products, individualized approach to key customers and to react flexibly to market volatility and actions of the competitors.

The modular design of the system allows for its flexible and gradual implementation and thanks to advanced configuration capabilities, the solution can have many variants tailored to the needs of companies with different profiles.

AUMS for Commercial

A set of solutions configured as expected by trading company

AUMS for Distribution

A set of solutions configured as expected by energy distributor

AUMS for Customer Service

A set of solutions configured for a company dealing with customer service

Gartner Quadrant

AUMS solutions were once again featured in the prestigious "Magic Quadrant for Utilities Customer Information Systems" report for 2015 by Gartner, the leading IT research and advisory company. System  AUMS met the stringent criteria that have been raised against products which were included in the report. 

AUMS is the only Polish IT system included in this study. The report shows that AUMS system users appreciate the ease of updating the software and higher than average satisfaction of the user needs. AUMS software also passed all the performance test taking into account the infrastructure, database and application (including testing in the IBM Benchmarking Center / Singapore in 2013.). The knowledge gained through the tests conducted by us helps the energy companies to rationalize costs related to the purchase or upgrade of the hardware infrastructure (ie. TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership).

Why are energy companies eager to use our solutions?

We have many years of experience in the area of billing systems and customer service.We have extensive competence in technology and implementation.We offer high quality products.We respond in advance to the expectations of our clients related to the development of the energy market.