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Cybersecurity Credentials

IT security is one of the most important challenges of today's world. Mass popularization of the use of modern technologies by states, companies and individual users is posing increasingly serious threats. In Asseco, we look at security widely and not only from the level of individual solutions. We understand it as the security of companies from various sectors, the protection of critical infrastructure, as well as the stability and continuity of operations of the largest IT systems in the country. In all these areas, effective security of data processing is crucial. 
For further information on our cybersecurity competence & offering please visit our dedicated Comcert page


Cyber Defense Africa (CDA)

Cyber Defense Africa SAS (CDA) is the cybersecurity services company mandated by the Togolese Republic to ensure the security of information systems in Togo and beyond its borders.

We provide “Security Operations Center” (SOC) services as well as “Computer Emergency Response Team” (CERT) services. We support administrations and private companies in securing their infrastructure, protecting applications and confidentiality of their data with a wide range of solutions starting from consultancy to technical implementation. For more information on Cyber Defense Africa, visit our dedicated CDA page