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Lagos State Drone Program

Asseco Nigeria in collaboration with STEAM Up Lagos organized a drone program in District III for students at Wahab Folawiyo Senior High School Osborne, Ikoyi, on 3 February 2023. The program was coordinated by the office of the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Education, Dr. Adetola Salau. She explained that the initiative was designed to improve students' technology capabilities, prepare them for various competitions, and improve their skills for the future.

This event was held to inspire and enlighten students to become more familiar with drone technology (UAV). Its possibilities, and most importantly the use of drones to provide safety, security, and its diverse wide range of uses. Introducing the young ones to a rapidly changing technology-driven future.

The program started with an opening speech by the tutor general/ Permanent secretary of District III Dr. Olufunke Oyetola. She advised the students to listen carefully to the lecture and learn the basics of technical and practical aspects of drone technology.

The Chief Executive Officer of Asseco Nigeria Mr. Simon Melchior encouraged the students to believe in their dreams and work hard towards achieving them. He stated that Asseco Nigeria is committed to giving back to society and looking forward to more collaboration with the State Government on more innovative projects. Moreover, he said that "we resolutely strive to make a positive impact in Nigeria as our purpose is to use technology to transform Nigeria for the better as much as we can. Imparting this on our children is very important to us because they are our future”. He further reiterated that Asseco Nigeria would support and encourage exceptional students in the field of drone operations.

Mrs. Ann Temidara, the Chief Operations Officer at Asseco reaffirmed Asseco's commitment to partner with Lagos State in the areas of Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. She urged the students to listen attentively during the lecture as it is a precursor to the practical drone flight that will be carried out by the students.


To kick off the second segment of the program, a practical drone demonstration, Dr. Adetola applauded the organizers for the laudable initiative. She encouraged the students to commit themselves to learn the technicalities of drone technology


Mr. Anthony Salubi, Asseco’s Pilot in Command facilitated the training and demonstrated different drone operations. Two students were selected from the five schools in attendance to compete in a drone flying contest. They were tested on all that they had learned during the lecture. The schools that did exceptionally well were each awarded a drone as a winning prize for their school at the end of the contest.


It is worth mentioning that the Chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology Honourable Olanrewaju Afini graced the event with his presence. He spoke with the students and reiterated the efforts of the Lagos State Government in ensuring high-quality education and skill acquisition.