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Asseco StarINS Core Insurance Solution

StarINS is a core and robust insurance solution and comprehensive information system for insurance companies. It automates all front- and back-office operations including personal and property insurance, insurance of liability for damages, as well as life, health, and retirement savings. Our implementation team consist of local and European experts.

Our client Coronation Insurance Plc (formerly Wapic Insurance) defined an audacious ambition to be one of the top two (2) leading full serviced West African insurance companies. As part of its strategic initiatives, the company embarked on a strategic technology transformation project to assist it attain operational efficiency across its Head Office, branches (both onshore and offshore) which led to the purchase and implementation of StarINS core insurance application to drive these initiatives.

This solution was implemented in 2017 for the then WAPIC Insurance Plc before the name transformation to Coronation Insurance Plc in August 12,2020.

Part of the transformation that StarINS was able to drive for Coronation Insurance Plc includes:

  • Growth of the Business i.e. both local and international expansion
  • Change in payment system and digital adoption i.e driving changes to customer channel interaction and transaction behaviors.
  • Customer satisfaction by ensuring satisfaction at different touchpoints
  • Technology changes and system upgrade by leveraging key technologies provided by StarINS to enhance service delivery and promote automation.

In December 2020, this implementation of StarINS was extended to Coronation branch in Ghana where the Asseco Team of experts locally present in Nigeria successfully carried out this implementation in a similar way to drive the operational efficiency in all areas of the business in Coronation Insurance Plc Ghana.

To this date, our core insurance solution is improving our client’s business day by day.