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Asseco Is Using Unmanned System to Update the Aerial Maps of the Entire Lagos State.

Asseco is currently using unmanned systems equipped with Asseco GCS (Ground Control Station) software to update the aerial maps of the entire Lagos State. The project is a continuation of cooperation with the Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology and Asseco Nigeria. This is the first mapping of such a large area in Africa, reaching over 3.5sqkm2, utilizing drones.

This UAV mapping project is an important component of the geographic information system (eGIS). Its objective is to capture high-resolution, geo-referenced aerial photographs (orthophoto) showing the land, sea, and other physical attributes of Lagos State, which will then be processed and made available on a geo-portal. Data analysis will allow for more effective planning of the State’s development, management of its spatial resources, as well as monitoring of environmental pollution. It is also a valuable source of information for residents and investors.

A total of over 2200sqkm2 which is about 53% of the land mapping project has been mapped and the project is expected to be completed in 2022.

The mapping of the Lagos State is a pioneering endeavor, a huge technological leap, and an opportunity to accelerate the region's development. It is also an opportunity for Asseco Nigeria to display its competence in the UAV and Drone sector.