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Asseco Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

The traditional way of intra-organization workflow, communication and process is cumbersome and tedious, leading to a lot of redundancy. Each department or functional unit process flow is independent of the other. When there’s needs to be cross-functional synergy or workflow; it is met with difficulties, and this is where our enterprise resource planning (ERP) Solution comes in.

ERP is critical to organizations as they help to implement resource planning by integrating all the processes needed to run the organization with a single system.

ERP is a crucial business tool that enables seamless management and integration of numerous operations and departments inside your organization.

According to industry experts, the adoption of ERP software is popular among manufacturing companies (21%), banking, financial services, and insurance organizations (16%), and telecoms (13%). (PR Newswire, 2021).

Business leaders can make tactical decisions with the use of simple ERP; With a single source of information, ERP enables:

  • Accurate real-time data reporting and visibility from anywhere at any time.
  • Efficiency.
  • Cost savings.
  • Minimal maintenance costs using a single centrally managed system.
  • Increase in productivity, engagement, and morale among employees across board.

ERP adapts to your needs as it is flexible to customise, extend, and integrate your solution with other industry systems. A solution that keeps your team connected wherever they are. With a better line of sight, companies can better plan and allocate resources effectively using ERP.