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GIS/TIS Solution for telecommunications

Asseco Nigeria offers a solution for documenting and operating telecommunications networks in large geographical areas as well as buildings, industrial complexes and urban areas. The basis of this solution is constituted by the LIDS 7 geographic information system supplemented by a TELCO module.

Our solution provides a wide range of functionalities for managing telecommunications networks and facilities by recording information about network topology, features, relationships, history, maintenance and development.

The LIDS system with the TELCO module in particular allows companies to document the following network features:

  • Telecommunications cables
  • Optic fibres
  • Racks with rack devices, cassettes, contacts, routers, ports and patch cables
  • Joints with cassettes and splice points
  • Telecommunications services Individual cables can be associated into routes with any configurations required


Telecommunications routes are usually created by a system of ducts, the purpose of which is to provide mechanical protection for cables which are inserted into them. The LIDS system then keeps precise records about routes, the ducts which exist there and about the cables which run through individual ducts.

The data model of the LIDS 7 system and its TELCO extension correspond to the needs and requirements of modern telecommunications companies. It is not only information about individual network features which is saved in the system, but also data about connection of individual fibres in the rack and joint. Network topology is built on the level of fibres. The TELCO module allows visualization of connections in a well-arranged, user-friendly way.