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Our core expertise is the ability to design and implement systems to handle large volumes of data with sophisticated transactional logic. The largest projects carried out in this area include solutions for the Ministries of Interior, Agriculture, Transport and Finance of several Central European Countries, as well as other parastatals including Central Statistical Offices, various heath information management institutions and many other agencies and ministries at central and local level.

For local public administration we provide solutions characterized by a high degree of customization
and focus on the key processes that are highly specific for local administration.

One of our advantages is that we can appropriately complement the above-mentioned systems for example with solutions for geographical and spatial data or systems for metropolitan networks. Our local administration customers are regions, cities, large municipalities and organizations established (owned) by the state. We assist such administrations to be closer to their constituents, render better and cheaper services, collect revenues and manage their budgets and projects.

A wide range of solutions offered by the Asseco Group makes it possible to complement appropriately the above-mentioned solutions with other products and services.