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Wealth Management

PROMAK Portfolio

The more financial tools are available in the market, the more difficult it becomes to properly assess the situation and plan for effective actions. This task gets far more complicated when we manage a number of different investment portfolios. Even the most knowledgeable investment expert would not be able to achieve good results if, instead of focusing on action, he had to spend his time collecting, analyzing and processing data from many different sources. Thanks to the full integration of financial tools, trading systems and customer data, PROMAK PORTFOLIO helps manage investments in an easy and efficient way.

This innovative tool takes over and automates all the tasks that do not need to be performed by people, allowing specialists to focus on the most important thing – decisions. 

The system allows a great deal of freedom in modelling and managing investment portfolios. It monitors and archives all the concluded transactions, while helping to perform detailed analyses and run simulations. Thanks to its multiple configuration options, the system allows to develop even the most advanced investment strategies. Depending on the market situation, each element of the investment portfolio can be freely changed, and when one of the applied strategies brings big profits, its template can be easily replicated to other portfolios.

Diversification of financial tools is the key to effective and safe investments. Gathering all the market information in one place gives you a whole new perspective that contributes to better informed decisions. Such decisions can be immediately put into practice, also directly from the PROMAK PORTFOLIO system.

PROMAK PORTFOLIO offers plenty of great possibilities for the development and management of investment strategies, bringing a whole new level of functionality to support these processes.

management of a large number of portfolios allocated to individual strategies

ability to group the applied strategies in a hierarchical structure

combining of many financial instruments into one synthetic instrument

pooled analysis of the composition of managed portfolios

structuring of standard models and their automatic updating based on current market data

matching of client portfolios to the designed model