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Business support

Asseco Data Warehouse

The system users gain access to the organizational data and get assistance with the generation of ad-hoc reports and advanced analyses. Asseco Data Warehouse can be operated as an independent solution or integrated with other Asseco suite systems. The system features a built-in Business Data Model ensuring consistency and transparency across the reporting process. The integrated control mechanisms enhance the quality of data and provide support for data management responsibilities. The system offers a set of flexible tools allowing business users for modifications and further development of the solution.

Major modules

BDM – Basic Module

Information on concluded contracts.
Client profiles.
Transactions carried out by clients.
Bank accounting books, income statement.

BDM – Sales and Marketing

Profitability of sales: clients, products.
Analysis of contract-related events.
Analysis of the level of customer activity.
Monitoring of products

CMR – Mandatory Reporting

Finrep/Corep, WEBIS
NB300, BFG, Cerber, other.

ODS - Operational Data Store

Data integration and consistency.
Data cleansing (DQ).
Metadata management.