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Certum Certification Authority

(formerly Unizeto Technologies) is a Certification Authority owned by the Asseco Group.

Asseco Nigeria is delighted to inform you that Certum (formerly Unizeto), a globally established SSL/encryption and trust services provider, is the first with a local presence in Nigeria. We provide an impressive range of international quality cryptographic security products such as SSL/TLS certificates, email encryption (S-MIME) certificates, code signing certificates for software applications, electronic signature products and more.

Our SSL Certificates

Our SSL certificates are in actual fact, TLS 1.2 certificates. This means you get the very latest encryption/security technology and protection against even more vulnerabilities, including all of those which TLS 1.2 predecessors were open to.

They feature up to 256-bit encryption and SHA-2 algorithm. Our certificates are 100% compatible with and recognized by ALL browsers, including much older versions.

Certum has been audited and certified by WebTrustTM for Certification Authorities as well as Ernst & Young. See the report here (PDF) -

Certum’s WebTrustTM Seals -,aboutus_about_webtrust.xml 

Certum listed by WebTrustTM -

Why Secure With Certum?

1. Quick & Easy Acquisition of Higher SSL Classes Requiring Validation: Organisation Validation & Extended Validation (Green Bar)

Because we are present locally (with West African HQ at Ikoyi, Lagos), verification for the higher SSL classes, namely Organisation Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) can be done much faster and easier than with all other Certification Authorities who are based abroad.

OV certificates can be issued on the same day, within hours of receipt of verification documents. EV certificates are typically issued within 2 – 5 business days at the latest.



2. All Transactions in Naira

Asseco Nigeria also takes the FX burden off you by carrying out ALL transactions in Naira. No payments will ever need to be made in USD or any other foreign currency.



3. Best Pricing on the Market?

Certum by Asseco offers one of the best pricing (between 20%-70% less) available anywhere in the world, as can be independently verified. Switching to Certum SSL guarantees average cost savings of about 45%.



4. Where We Stand Compared To Others

All of our certificates are cutting-edge, up to date and meet the highest and strictest standards and quality requirements for international Certification Authorities. Certum is certified and sealed by WebTrust.



5. 100% Recognition & Compatibility With All Major Browsers & Applications

You’re assured 100% recognition and compatibility of our products with all major browsers and email applications.



6. Twice the Support

We provide two lines of support (our local team and our teams in Europe) for technical and sales related issues.



7. Clients & Partners from over 50 countries

We provide services to clients and partners in over 50 countries.

Certum Certification Authority has recorded considerable growth in patronage and partnership from reputable Nigerian organisations. Below is a cross section of some partners and customers:

Order Certum SSL/TLS in Nigeria with WhoGoHost!
Get Certum SSL/TLS on!
Get Certum SSL/TLS + Installation from ATB!

8. The Only Certification Authority with Local Presence

We are currently the only international Certification Authority with full-fledged local presence in Nigeria (not mere representation or agency). We have both technical and business resources available locally.

Where and how order Certum Products?

You can order Certum SSL/TLS and other products from our partners; WhoGoHost Ltd, DomainKing, Inlaks Ltd, ATB TechSoft Solutions Ltd, Galaxy Backbone, Level Seven Ltd and more.

How to sign up for partnership?

Please use the contact info below:

The Business Development Manager | +234 (0)8027249032